Announcement: Happymodel - Mobula7 HD

After the great success of the he Mobula7 and the current craze about Cinewhoops like the Tinyleader or Beta85x it was just a question of time for an HD version of the Mobula7 to be released.

According to a conversation with Jason from happy model, the release of the HD version of the Mobula7 is planned for the 18th of February, 4 days earlier and it would be a great Valentines days gift for us Whoop pilots.

Unfortunately there are no pictures yet, but I got quite some informations about its technical specifications and price.

The Mobula7 HD will have an AIO Crazybee F4 flight controller with 5A/6A ESC’s powering 1102 motors spinning 40mm props. As FPV cam and HD DVR the currently popular Caddx Turtle V2 will be used.

The video transmitter will be switchable and provide 25mW or 200mW output power.

The model will come with a 300mAh, 3S battery but it is specced from 2S to 3S. The weight without battery will be 49g.

And now for the best part, the price - it will only be around $149.00 - ordering from banggood with the right coupon codes could make it even cheaper.

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