Mobula7 - Happymodel, 1-2S Brushless Whoop

The Mobula7 is a great choice if you are on a budget. But do not be fooled, it is a good performer and has some great features that are missing even with the more expensive options.

This model comes with two PH 2.0 connectors so you can continue to use your 1S LiPo’s that you might have for your brushed whoop. Further you have the option to fly it with 1S or 2S. This makes it very versatile - fly it indoors on 1S and outdoors on 2S.

The cam is an all in one option, meaning that it is camera and video transmitter all in one small package. The cam tilt can be easily adjusted to your liking.

Equipped with a F3 flight controller this quad is a little behind his competitors, but it still comes with an OSD and Smart Audio to easily manage your video transmitter settings like band and channel.

The Mobula7 comes in two different versions: Basic and Standard

Both versions contain 4x 1S HV batteries, one extra set of props, a charger, some tools, 3D printed battery support and of course the copter itself. The only difference between the two versions is the charger - the standard version comes with a charger where you can charge 6 batteries at once, the basic version comes with a USB charger with which you can only charge a single battery. Since there is only a slight price difference, I would definitely recommend to go with the Standard version since it is way more convenient to charge multiple batteries at once.

The model also comes with a plug that allows you to easily configure it for 1S operation, it basically shorts out one of the PH 2.0 plugs.

With the stock batteries of the Mobula7 in th 2S configuration you get a flight time of about two, two and a half minutes when you charged the batteries to high voltage. The flight time will of course heavily depend on your style of flying.

You can buy the Mobula7 from banggood.

The frame is not the sturdiest one, I would definitely recommend to get a couple of those as spare. Or you can get a Beta75 Pro frame and mod it a bit to hold all the Mobula7 components.


Motors 0802 (16000KV) with connector
Batteries 2S (2x 1S PH 2.0)
FC F3 with OSD
ESC 5A continuous, 6A peak
RX options Frsky, DSMX, Flysky
VTX 25mW with Smart Audio
Cam NTSC, 700TVL
Size 75mm (diagonal, motor to motor)
Weight 26.0g
Props 40mm, 1.0mm shaft hole
Batteries 4x 1S 250mAh HV
Price $95.99 - 101.99


A great choice if you want to go super light are the 260mAh GNB batteries or you can use the batteries that come with the model. If you went for the basic version you might want to upgrade to this 1S charger, you can charge six 1S batteries at once and also charge at high voltage (4.35V).


As mentioned above, the frame is not the toughest one, so you might want to consider to get a spare or two right from the start, just to be on the save side. Other than that there is a replacement for every part:


The Mobula7 is a very versatile brushless whoop, if you want to fly it indoors, just use 1S. Want to fly it outdoors - use 2S. For the money you are really getting a lot.

Absolute beginners should take a closer look at something that can take more of a beating like for example the Emax Tinyhawk.

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