This is a comparison of all currently (October 2019) available flight controllers in the "Tiny Whoop" form factor (28.5 x 28.5mm mounting holes).
To qualify for this list, the flight controller also needs to have an integrated ESC's and OSD. Further it has to fit a whoop frame.

Some of this boards even come with integrated receiver for the protocol of your choice. This is especially interesting for people who want to save the last couple of grams instead of getting a dedicated receiver.

The weight is the weight of the board itself without the battery lead.

Use the select boxes below to filter for flight controllers that fit your build.

* Some users experience the BEC frying after a couple of flights. The board will still power from USB but not from battery. This can be fixed by attaching an external micro BEC. It can be prevented by attaching a 100uF, low ESR capacitor either directly to the XT30 plug or the power pads of the board.

The version 2.1 is the same as 2.0 with the exception that 2.1 comes with a plug for camera and video transmitter.

** Although rated for 2S a lot of people report that it will not work reliably on 2S - the current seems to be highly overrated.

*** Those FC’s seem to all be produced by airbot and have almost the same specs. The BetaFPV version does not have pins for a buzzer and the iFlight boad comes with pin headers for their own video transmitter.

**** Those boards seem to be the same, although BetaFPV specs it for 1S only.

If you are in the market for a flight controller from this list, I would highly recommend to get an F4, they might be slightly more expensive but you gain the benefit of it being future proof in comparison to the F3. Betaflight will stop the support for F3 boards after version 4.0 so you will not be easily able to upgrade to a newer firmware version.

If your favorite brushless whoop flight controller is missing or you are a vendor and want to see your product listed here, feel free to drop me a line.