This is a comparison of all currently (July 2019) available brushless whoop frames. To qualify for this list a flight controller in the whoop form factor has to fit and the frame has to have hoops around the props.

Brushless whoop frames differ by the wheelbase and thus the size of props they will fit. They also have different motor mounting patterns and diameters. Keep this in mind when choosing your frame.

The "Cells" column indicates which kind of batteries the frame can hold nativley. Frames that have the attribute "Strap" need some custom way of mounting the battery like a battery strap or rubber band.

* This frame exists in 3 Versions, v1 and v2 being very weak - everyone offering this frame for sale should already have v3 in stock.

** Those frames are made from aluminum and tend to easily bend after crashes, you might initially think that they are more sturdy than the plastic ones, but this is not the case.

*** The BetaFPV frames are known to be very sturdy. They might not always be the lightest option but they sure can take a beating before they break.

If your favorite brushless whoop frame is missing or you are a vendor and want to see your product listed here, feel free to drop me a line.