Presale: BetaFPV Beta85x

Just a couple of days after the first samples have hit the test users BetaFPV is taking pre-orders for the Beta85x. According to their website shipping will start on the 25th of January.

The Beta85x comes in two different version regarding the camera. One with a Caddx EOS2 for $159.99 and the second one, the HD version - or Cinewhoop as they call it - with the Caddx Turtle V2 for $199.99.

A 4S, 450mAh battery is recommended but neither is one included nor can one be ordered from BetaFPV as of now. I guess a lot of early adopters will go with two 2S batteries they have from their Beta75x. But I am sure it will not take long until there will be different battery options for this form factor.

Regarding receiver there are a lot of different options available, including the TBS Crossfire.

The whoop comes with receivers for the following protocols:

  • Frsky (FCC or LBT)
  • DSMX
  • Flysky
  • Futaba
  • TBS Crossfire (this version is $10 more expensive)

Additionally you can get the model without a receiver, then you pay $10 less.

The attached images are not images of the final, but rather of the version that got shipped out to testers. Also there are not yet any official images of the HD version.

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Coming: Beta85x

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