I am a Vienna based software developer. In my spare time I enjoy reviewing tech gear, ripping quads of all shapes and sizes and making stuff.

You can find me on YouTube, Instagram, Thingiverse or GitHub.

I always try to find a good value for price ratio with the gear I am using. There are certain brands I like to support because I think it is worth supporting them, but generally I would never buy something just because of a certain brand. Especially it the quadcopter hobby you are breaking so much stuff that you have to think twice if it is really worth to you paying a premium for something. That being said, I also try to stay away from clones.

I would like to share some gear I am personally using right now:

  • RC Transmitter: FrSky Taranis X-Lite - I really enjoy this form factor of transmitter. Gamepad shaped and running OpenTX. As of today I would recommend getting the Taranis X-Lite Pro - same features as the original one, but you can charge the batteries from USB and do not need an external charger.
  • Battery Charger: ISDT Q6 Pro BattGo - in my opinion ISDT is producing some of the greatest chargers on the market. Reliable, powerful and great design.
  • Parallel Charging board: XT30 parallel charging board - I like to parallel charge, why waste time if you can charge six batteries at once? If you keep some basic safety precautions, parallel charging is no more dangerous than charging a single battery.