This page aims to collect all the information you need to decide which whoop is the right one for you. The prices might vary depending on where you actually buy it and if they have a promo running - so use the listed price just as a reference.

Click the whoops name to get more detailed informations, links to videos and matching accessories.

For indoors use 1S whoops are highly recommended. More cells might sound like more fun, but in reality it is very difficult to fly a high powered whoop indoors.

P Pusher configuration.

H Can record in HD with a Caddx Turtle, Runcam Split or similar.

Whoops where the release date is bold are not released yet. The listed weight is the weight without battery.

This list is limited to Brushless whoops that you still can purchase. We try to keep this site up to date, but if your favorite brushless whoop is missing, or you want me too review your product, feel free to drop me a line.