This is a comparison of all currently (April 2021) available Nano sized FPV cams. To qualify for this list, the cam has to be 14mm wide and must have screw holes for mounting. This is a great size for whoops with 2S and up, where you can afford to trade in some weight for better image quality.

None of the listed cams come with a VTX, you need to acquire a separate one. You can check the comparison of nano sized video transmitters to find a matching one.

Some of these cams allow for adjustments to be made via a joystick attached to the cam. In those cases the camera can also be configured via Camera Control from within Betaflight if the flight-controller supports this feature or you make the needed modifications yourself.

The resolution is given in TV lines. The real or transmitted resolution is of course limited to the chosen video format, but cams with higher resolution usually tend to have better, crispier details.

Lens size is usuallly in direct relation with the Field of View (FOV), the smaller the Lens, the bigger the FOV. 1.8mm Lenses hava a FOV of about 160° and 2.1mm Lenses usually tend to have 145° FOV. The bigger the lens, the more light can come in, the better the low light performance will be.

All of the cameras have WDR, allowing for a smooth transition of the image from dark to bright environments. Also all of the listed cameras have a CMOS sensor, that's why this information is not listed seperately. Should a cam have a different sensor it is listed in the footnotes.

* Video format and aspect ratio are switchable via joystick.

** Gesture control - some of the cameras settings can be changed by covering the lens in a certain sequence after powering it up.

If your favorite nano sized FPV camera is missing or you are a vendor and want to see your product listed here, feel free to drop me a line.