Tiny Leader by FullSpeed, 2-3S

The Tiny Leader is the first 3S capable brushless whoop. Definitely not your cheapest option out there but the frame is carbon fiber and plastic - pretty sturdy. The hoops can be swapped each on their own.

The Tiny Leader comes with a XT30 connector and you can power it with 1-3S. At least the ESC’s are specced for that - in reality you want to use 2S or 3S in order to use its full potential. Especially with the HD version you should go for 3S if you want to have some punch.

There are two different options regarding the camera. You can either get the version with a Caddx Micro F2 with 1200 TV lines that can be adjusted from 0° to 45°. Or you can get the HD option equipped with a Caddx Turtle V2 with 800TV lines and the possibility to record HD footage with your whoop - how awesome is that?

The video transmitter is switchable and outputs up to 600mW power - pretty impressive!

Equipped with a F4 flight controller this quad is future proofed and it comes with an OSD and Smart Audio to easily manage your video transmitter settings like band and channel. The motors are plugged into the ESC board, so swapping them is fairly easy, should you manage to break one.

You can get this model with a matching receiver for your transmitter or no receiver at all if you prefer to use your own.

The flight time with the 450mAh battery is about three and a half to four minutes with the non HD version.

When getting the HD version, do not forget to order the joystick needed to make the settings on the turtle, because this quad unfortunately does not ship with it. You will need it to get rid of some of the turtles OSD elements and change settings, like for example to automatically start recoding when an SD card is inserted instead of having to press a button.

The manufacturer stated at one point, that the HD version might be discontinued, so if you want to get the HD version, you should be quick with your order.

You can buy the tiny leader or the tiny leader HD directly from fullspeedRC or from banggood.


Motors 1103 (11000KV) with connector
Batteries 2-3S (XT30)
FC F4 with OSD
ESC 8A continuous
RX options Frsky, Flysky, DSM2, None
VTX 25, 100, 200, 400, 600mW with Smart Audio
Cam Caddx Micro F2, 1200TVL or Caddx Turtle V2, 800TVL
Size 75mm (diagonal, motor to motor)
Weight 41.0g / 53.0g HD version
Props 40mm, 1.5mm shaft hole
Batteries 1x 3S 300mAh
Price $119.99 - $169.99


As mentioned above you can fly this model with either 2S or 3S, you will gete slightly more performance with 3S. If you got the version with the Caddx Turtle you may want to use 3S batteries to compensate for the higher weight. The GNB 2S, 450mAh batteries seems to be a good choice if you want to go 2S, this is also the battery it original comes with in case you pre-ordered from fullspeedRC.

The 300mAh version of those 2S GNB batteries is also a good fit - those you could also use for your Beta75x.


Spare parts are readily available directly from fullspeedRc.


If you want a whoop that is capable of recording HD footage, you definitely should consider this one. With 2S you can get quite some scenic footage but there is also enough power with 3S for some acro flying. Also you can learn on 2S and then progress to 3S. The modular design makes swapping parts fairly easy. The construction is also very rigid, so it will take quite a beating before anything breaks.

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