This is a comparison of all currently (April 2021) available Nano sized video transmitters. To qualify for this list the video transmitter has to weigh less than 3g. Further it must be possible to adjust the video transmitters settings either via Smart Audio or IRC Tramp protocol. Those nano sized viedo transmitters are a great pairing for your nano sized FPV camera.

When looking for a video-transmitter you have to keep in mind, that the greater the output power is, the more heat will be produced. This is important for choice of canopy, since you want to spread out the components a bit so that they can all be properly cooled.

Pit Mode allows you to basically disable video transmission. You might want to use this if you are at a race, need to work on your copter without interfering with the pilots that are currently in the air.

Weight measurements are without antenna, if antenna is removable and without wires.

* Diamond means it is half the size of a classical whoop board and can be mounted above the FC with 3 screws (on the sides and on the back).

** Can be mounted into an included Diamond PCB. Comes with a circular polarized antenna.

*** Comes with a 20x20mm carrier PCB. Can be adjusted via IRC’s magic wand.

4 Comes with a 20x20mm and whoop sized carrier PCB.

5 Comes with carrier PCB for 16x16mm, 20x20mm and whoop size. Weight is wit all of them, but the ones that are not needed can be broken off.