GEPRC 12A F4 AIO flight controller

GEPRC just started pre-sale of their new fight controller. This could be the one a lot of us have been waiting for - it comes with 12A ESC’s, and is supposed to run 4S batteries. Pre-orders start now and will be shipped starting may the 7th.

With a price of $42.99 it is very similar priced as the Crazybee F4 Pro V2 board, but chances are that GEPRC got the BEC right (although it is only specced with 1A) and it will not blow as it is very common with the Crazybee boards.

The board also comes with a current sensor, LED out, buzzer pads and 2 UARTS broken out.

This board could be the solution for everyone who wants to run their Beta 85x on 4S or who wants to run the new Hyperlite Motors that Bob Roogi released on 2S.

The power pads are through hole, minimizing the risk of ripping those off. All other pads are surface mounts, hopefully they will not easily pull off.

Personally I am not going to per-order but instead will wait until the first boards hit the reviewers. But if the BEC can power an AIO system and a receiver without burning out, I will definitely be getting one of those.

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