BetaFPV 12A F4 AIO flight controller

Shortly after GEPRC releasing their 12A, F4 all in one flight controller, BetaFPV is now releasing theirs.

The specifications seem to be pretty similar too: 2-4S, 12A, plugs for easy connections of the motors, through hole pads for the power connection. It only seems to have one UART broken out though, this could definitely be a deal-breaker for some people.

With a price of $39.99 it is slightly cheaper that its GEPRC competitor.

The board also comes with Betaflight OSD and LED out but you have to provide your own receiver. It also does not have pads for buzzers.

it weighs in at 5.6g. This could be the board all the Beta85x owners have been waiting for, that actually want to fly their model with 4S without burning out the ESC’s.

According to Beta FPV’s website, shipping starts immediately.

This board could be the solution for everyone who wants to run their Beta 85x on 4S or who wants to run the new Hyperlite Motors that Bob Roogi released on 2S.

I think the following note is very strange: “Only support Frsky XM/XM+ Receiver/ Futaba Receiver/ Flysky Receiver” - does this mean, it will not work with a crossfire receiver? Only time will tell.

I am a bit careful when it comes to BetaFPV releases, but am very curious to see the first boards hitting the reviewers - if it lives up to it’s specs, this could be a great option for my next toothpick styled build - especially if the BEC is of higher quality than the one on the Crazybee boards.

If you want to see how it compares spec wise to other AIO flight controller check out my flight controller comparison list.

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