Announcement: CrazyBee F4 Pro V2.0

Happymodel just released the V2 of their popular CrazyBee F4 Pro flight controller.

The mein differences to the V1 are, that the new version is 1-3S capable and the battery connections are through hole instead of the small pads. Other than that everything seems to be the same: The flight controller comes with integrated FrSky, FlySky or DMX receiver. There is also a version without integrated receiver if you want to run your own.

The Boot and Bind button are now real buttons, instead of flimsy foil ones. The BEC seems to still be the same, on the V1 board a lot of users reported that the BEC spontaneously died - I am not entirely sure if this issue has been addressed.

This is basically the spare FC for the Mobula7 HD but I am sure this FC will be used in a lot of different builds, especially toothpick sized builds.

The ESC’s seem still to be the same 5A (6A peak) ones that already the V1 came with and they support DSHOT600. The weight increases slightly from 4.2g to 4.3g. They should soon be available on banggood.

I am definetly getting one as a spare for my toothpick build where I am currently using the V1 with an external BEC.

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