Beta75x - BetaFPV, 2S Brushless Whoop

The Beta 75x is a great Brushless Whoop made by BetaFPV. Known for quality this is the right choice if you want to be on the save side regarding support and spare part supply. It might not be the cheapest option but you really get what you pay for.

This model comes with either two PH 2.0 connectors if you want to continue to use your 1S LiPo’s that you might have for your brushed whoop or a XT30 connector for proper 2S batteries. The XT30 option is the recommended one, since it allows to push higher currents than the PH 2.0 connectors.

It comes with a cam tilt of 35° which is a little bit steep for less experienced pilots or indoor flying, but perfect for tight outdoor spots. On thingiverse you can find cam mounts with different tilts. For indoors, 25° cam tilt is quite a good choice.

Equipped with a F4 flight controller this quad is perfectly future proofed. It also has an OSD to display in-flight stats and you can manage your video transmitter via Smart Audio and your transmitter. The ESC’s are on a separate board as is the receiver. This way you can swap single parts, should they break, instead of swapping an all in one board.

Some users report that they have washout issues when coming out of dives (the copter slightly sags and turns to one side). There are a couple of solutions, like changing the props direction to props in. Props out seems to be the preferred option for racing and is the default configuration this copter comes in. Nate Payne, who helped creating this quad, did a great write up, that claims to fix the issue.

In the package you will get 1 set of batteries, one extra set of props, one extra canopy and of course the copter itself. The canopies tend to be the first thing to break in a crash so you better order some extra, just to be on the safe side. The frame on the other hand is a tank - it holds up to a lot of crashes. There are even some fancy designer canopies you might want to check out.

You can buy the Beta 75x directly from - slightly cheaper, but ships from China - or on Amazon.


Motors 1103 (11000KV) with connector
Batteries 2S (2x 1S PH 2.0 or XT30)
FC F4 with OSD
ESC 6A continuous, 10A peak
RX options Frsky XM+, DSMX, Flysky, Futaba S-FHSS
VTX 0mW, 25mW, 200mW with Smart Audio
Size 75mm (diagonal, motor to motor)
Weight 41.0g
Props 40mm, 1.5mm shaft hole
Batteries 2x 1S 300mAh HV or 1x 1S 300mAh
Price $139.99


A great choice for the XT30 version are Hobbyking’s 300mAh, 2S 45-90C NanoTech batteries - unfortunately they come with a JST plug, so you will need to order some XT30 plugs as well. There is also a 70-90C version of the same battery but in my opinion you can not really see any difference to the cheaper 45C version.

I always like to buy batteries in multiples of what my parallel charging board can hold: Six. For charging I can recommend the ISDT Q6, 300W charger you can even use it on the go to charge your small batteries from a bigger one.


Everything you could break like frame, canopy, props and camera are readily available on the BetaFPV site and directly on Amazon. As mentioned before I would really recommend to get some extra canompies.

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