Announcement: URUAV - UR85 and UR85HD

After the great success of the he URUAV UR65 and the general craze regarding HD whoops, URUAV are the next ones in line to release an 85mm HD brushless whoop.

It will be available in two different versions, the HD and non HD version. The HD version will be quipped with a Caddx Turtle V2 and the non HD version with an Caddx EOS2 - this is very similar to BetaFPV’s Beta85 setup. But this time the two versions will also have different motors. Which is good, since the HD version is almost 10g heavier, weighting in at 52g without battery, than the non HD version, weighting in at 43g without batter.

It can be powered from a 2S or 3S battery, comes with a switchable VTX, up to 200mW.

This time the camera will not be the only difference, it will also have different motors. The HD version will be quipped with 1102, 10000KV motors and the non HD version with 0805, 12000KV motors, both rocking 1.9” props - although it looks like there is enough space to fit 2” props.

Other than that, the specs are completely similar. A Crazybee F4 Pro AIO flight controller, with onboard 5A(6A peak) ESC’s and integrated receiver. There will also be a receiver less option in case you prefer to provide your own receiver.

A 3S, 300mAh battery is recommended and one battery will even be included.

Price wise it will be around 110$ which is not too bad for the specs - release is planed for late February 2019.

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