Announcement: BetaFPV - Beta85x HD whoop

BetaFPV seems to be working on a new whoop. A whoop capable of carrying a HD cam, similar to the tinyleader.

First images have surfaced on facebook. The new Model, the Beta85x will be available in a non HD and in an HD version. The non HD version seems to be equipped with an EOS2 4:3 camera.

The HD version will come with a Caddx Turtle V2 (Hopefully shipped with the joystick needed to make the settings).

The camera tilt will be adjustable in both versions.

Unfortunately no release date is known yet, but I would suspect it will be releases in a few weeks from now. As usual I will keep you posted and update the list on the homepage accordingly.

The whoop is specced for 3-4S, massive power in this tiny form factor. The flight controller will be an F4, so future proofed, as one is used too with products from BetaFPV. Since there is a lack of light weight 4S batteries in this form factor it might be viable to use two, 2S 300mAh batteries in series - yes those batteries that you already might have for your Beta75x.

The prototype has 1105, 6000KV motors and comes with 2” cyclone props. The fact that it spins 2” props is great, since there are a lot of different props in this form factor to play around with. The frame seems to be made from the same material as the frame of the Beta75x - so it will be pretty sturdy. The canopy you can see on the pictures is not the final version yet.

The prototype weighs in at 58.5g without batteries.

Some people report that there is yaw washout on 3S, but that it is gone on 4S. Some people report that the yaw washout also depends on props and does not show on 2S or 3S with different props than the ones the test units come with. The beta testers also seem to have gotten different frames, some more stiff than others.

Beta Testers on YouTube

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