Tinyhawk - Emax, 1S Brushless Whoop

The Tinyhawk is a very unique brushless whoop. First of all, the motors are facing the bottom and the props are thus pushing instead of pulling. This is a very unusual form factor of prop and for now you are stuck with the original Emax prop for this model - I am sure this will change in the future, so fans of this model will also get some different props to experiment with. Another thing to notice about the motors is, that they have bearings instead of bushings which is very rare in this form factor.

The Tinyhawk is 1S only with a PH 2.0 connector so you can continue to use your 1S LiPo’s that you might have for your brushed whoop. This makes it really great for indoors.

The cam is very well protected by the canopy, but unfortunately you can not adjust the tilt. The motors come with connectors so you can easily swap them, in case they break.

Equipped with a F4 flight controller this quad is future proofed. It comes with an OSD and Smart Audio to easily manage your VTX settings like band and channel.

When it comes to receivers it is very unfortunate for all Flysky and DSMX users since there is only one option: Frsky. The receiver is integrated into the flight controller, so there is no easy way to attach your own receiver.

The package contains one 1S HV battery, a carrying case, a USB charger and of course the copter itself. Since it only comes with one battery, do not forget to get more.

You can buy the Tinyhawk from banggood for under $100.

If you are just entering the hobby, there is a RTF (Ready To Fly) kit available. It comes with everything you need to start flying: Transmitter, goggles, quadcopter, battery and a charger. In my opinion this is by far the cheapest way to enter the hobby.


Motors 08025 (15000KV) with connector
Batteries 1S (PH 2.0)
FC F4 with OSD
ESC 3A continuous
RX options Frsky
VTX 25mW with Smart Audio
Cam NTSC, 600TVL
Size 75mm (diagonal, motor to motor)
Weight 29.0g
Props 40mm, 1.0mm shaft hole
Batteries 1S 450mAh HV
Price $99.99


I recommend to get more batteries that come with the model. You might want to upgrade to this 1S charger, which allows you to charge six 1S batteries at once and also charge at high voltage (4.35V).


Spare parts are readily available:


I would recommend this brushless whoop to anyone just starting out, having a Frsky transmitter. It might not have the same power as a 2S whoop, but that does not have to be a bad thing. It allows you to easily fly indoors without breaking anything. The frame is very sturdy and you should have a lot of fun with it before breaking anything.

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