Tinyhawk S 2S by EMAX

There is a new version of the Tinyhawk coming out, the Tinyhawk S a 2S version of the Tinyhawk.

It is already listed on bangood as pre-order for less than $100. It is expected to ship June 19th.

It looks very similar to its predecessor but the features speak for themselves: This version, apart from being able to run on 1S or 2S will also allows for the camera tilt to be adjusted. Further EMAX decreased the size of the motors, so the Tinyhawk S 2S will be rocking 0802 15500KV motors.

Further it comes with four blade props. The frame is slightly more rigid. The battery compartment uses rubber bands to easily allow to switch between 1S and 2S battery.

All of this fits nicely into the included case.

Although it is 2S capable the battery plug is just a PH2 connector.

I am a big fan of the original 1S Tinyhawk and especially of the RTF version. I am wondering if the 2S version will also come as a RTF kit, but the banggood listing seems as it will.

The tinyhwawk S 2S will come come with one 2S and one 1S battery and a charger that is capable of charging three 1S and three 2S batteries at the same time, a spare set of props and a carrying case.


Motors 0802 (15500KV) with connector
Batteries 1S (PH 2.0)
FC F4 with OSD
ESC 5A continuous
RX options Frsky
VTX 25mW with Smart Audio
Cam NTSC, 600TVL
Size 75mm (diagonal, motor to motor)
Weight 27.8g
Props 40mm, 1.0mm shaft hole
Batteries 1x 2S 450mAh HV & 1x 1S 450mAh HV
Price $99.99

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