Emax Tinyhawk RTF Starter Kit

The Emax tinyhawk RTF starter kit is now up for sale on banggood.

This package seems to be a perfect entry point for new pilots, it contains everything you need to start the hobby: Goggle, remote, carrying case, batteries, charger, accessories, and of course the tinyhawk itself.

And with a price point of just $165, there is really nothing to complain about. In fact the entry into the hobby has never been easier and cheaper.

Goggles and transmitter are both powered by a 18650 battery and can be charged via included USB cable. All the parts fit into a nice carrying case. You even get a screw driver for maintenance.

Contents and Specs

The goggles are boxed goggles, as one would expect at that price point. The resolution is 480x272px.

The transmitter is of reasonable size and feels good in your hand. Not like the miniature controllers you are used to from the really cheap quadcopter kits.

You get one battery for your tinyhawk, so definitely make sure to get more batteries. The kit contains a charger for six 1S batteries.

The starter kit allows you to slowly progress to better, more expensive gear. For example you could mature to a different transmitter by getting the transmitter of your choice and a matching receiver for the tinyhawk - or a multi module for that matter.

After that you can get more quads but still use the goggles you got in the kit.

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