Best Beta75x 2S Batteries

What are the best 2S batteries for the Beta75x?

Now that the Beta75x is out for a couple of months, we have quite an option regarding batteries. In this post I would like to showcase some of the available batteries and which performs the best.

In a previous article I talked about battery specifications you might want to take a look at this too, before continuing.

I will focus on the Beta75x option that comes with XT30 connector and thus use 2S batteries, further I will only showcase batteries that fit into the battery holder without modifications, so basically only 300mAh batteries.

Unfortunately, most of the options do not come with a XT30 connector and you will have to add it by yourself - but this is not all too hard if you know what you are doing, I will explain it a little bit later.

While writing this post, Nate Payne (Mr ShutterBug) came out with a video comparing the available Options in a very scientific way, check it out:

His video confirms what I found out in an empirical way. When getting a new quadcopter that needs a different form factor of batteries than I already use - I buy different batteries to compare - before I settle for one of which I buy more, usually in multiples of six for efficient parallel charging.

The Batteries I have personally tested are the following:

The BetaFPV battery has been replaced with a 350mAh version which I have not yet tested, but basically makes this battery pretty worthless in this comparison.

The BetaFPV and the 35C Nanotech perform very similar, nothing too spectacular - there is not too much punch left at the end of the battery.

The 45C Nanotech is very consistent the whole flight over - there is enough punch even at the end of the battery. Sometimes I can not believe that I have already reached the end of the battery since it is still so punchy.

The performance of the 45C Nanotech made me very curious about the 70C Nanotech, but to be honest, it was a disappointment. It has not nearly as much punch as the 45C version. At first I thought I might have a bad one, but all six performed like that. In a blind test I could guess correctly every single time if I had the 45C or 70C version.

Measuring internal resistance with my charger confirmed this feeling, the internal resistance of the 70C version was 10mOhm higher than that of the 45C version. The only positive thing to say, is that the internal resistance difference between the two cells in the 70C version is very low.

The GNB HV battery has insane performance - it outperforms all other batteries no questions asked. With an continues discharge rating of 80C it is just a beast. This is my favorite battery for the Beta75x. If you are not on a tight budget I would absolutely recommend this one.

Nate also tested 2 other batteries, that I did not have access to, but which were not too good anyways: The Tattu 300mAh battery which comes in two iterations of which the first one seems to be really bad quality, and the 2nd version also does not seem to be anything to write home about.


Price / Performance wise, I can highly recommend the 45C Nanotechs - punch till the end, reliable and make a lot of fun. The only negative point about this battery is, that it comes with a JST plug, so you will have to swap that with an XT30 plug, but they are not too expensive and the swap does not take longer than a minute when you know what you are doing.

When it comes to performance I can only recommend the GNB 300mAh HV battery. It might not be the cheapest one, but it definitely outperforms all other ones.

Swapping the Plug

When swapping the power plug of a battery, make sure to do it wire by wire. Unsolder the first wire, add shrink tubing, solder the wire to the new plug, shrink the tubing and continue with the other wire. This way you minimize the risk of shorting out the leads and killing your battery.

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