Announcement: Tiny Leader - FullSpeed, 1-3S Brushless Whoop

The Tiny Leader has been announced to be released in December of 2018. Definitely not your cheapest option out there but the frame will be carbon fiber and plastic - it looks pretty sturdy.

The Tiny Leader comes with a XT60 connector and you can power it with 1-3S. At least the ESC’s are specced for that - I can not imagine it really running on 1S, seems to be a little too heavy for that, so I think, the target battery will be a 300mAh, 3S battery

The cam will be a Caddx Micro F2 with 1200 TV lines and can be adjusted from 0° to 45°. The video transmitter will be switchable and will output up to 600mW power - pretty impressive!

Equipped with a F4 flight controller this quad is future proofed and it comes with an OSD and Smart Audio to easily manage your video transmitter settings like band and channel.

You will be able to get this model with a matching receiver for your transmitter or no receiver at all if you prefer to use your own.

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Motors 1103 (11000KV) with connector
Batteries 1-3S (XT30)
FC F4 with OSD
ESC 8A continuous
RX options Frsky, Flysky, DSMX, None
VTX 25mW-600mW with Smart Audio
Cam Caddx Micro F2, NTSC, 1200TVL
Size 75mm (diagonal, motor to motor)
Weight 41.0g
Props 40mm, 1.5mm shaft hole
Batteries 1x 3S 300mAh
Price $135.99

Chris is a Vienna based software developer. In his spare time he enjoys reviewing tech gear, ripping quads of all sizes and making stuff.

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