Announcement: NameLessRC 12A AIO F4 FC

A new player is entering the market - their name: NameLessRC. Their first product will be an AIO F4 whoop styled flight-controller.

This FC seems very similar to the other 12A AIO’s but it is not just another re-branded one like the BetaFPV and GEPRC one - at least that is what Jim, the owner of NamelessRC assures me.

They are currently in the distribution process and the flight-controllers should soon hit a retailer near you. FullSpeedRC will be one of their re-sellers.

Per specifications this board will support up to 4S, HV batteries and the BLHELI_S ESC’s will provide a continues current of 12A and 15A peak.

The board is also equipped with a current sensor, OSD and buzzer pads. It does not come with an integrated receiver, so you have to run your own, but it has an inverted and non inverted SBUS pad.

What really differentiates it from the other options is the 2A BEC and the fact that you can get it without the motor plugs soldered in place.

It weighs in at 4.2g without the battery lead. The included battery lead will have an XT30 connector and you will have to solder it on your own.

The Betaflight target for this FC is MATEKF411 (MK41).

This could be a great options for your toothpick build, but with a 12A BEC you are not limited to just toothpick builds.

On FullSpeedRC’s YouTube channel you can see them full throttling the FC on 4S and stopping the motors at full throttle with a screw-driver - the board is able to handle it without any issues:

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