Beta65 Pro 2 & Beta75 Pro 2

BetaFpv just release two new models: the Beta65 Pro 2 and the Beta75 Pro 2.

They are somewhere between their respective Pro and X versions. The main difference to the X version is, that the ESC are slightly less powerful and that flightcontroller and ESC are all on one board.

Another change is that you can fly this models with 1S - this is great news for everyone flying in small indoor spaces where the X version simply has too much power. Both models actually come with two HV 1S batteries.

Both models are cheaper and lighter than their X version counterpart and BetaFPV claims that the washout problems from the X series are completely solved.

Interestingly both, the Beta65 Pro 2 and Beta75 Pro 2 seem to utilize the same AIO FC & ESC board and same motor sizes. The 75 version has slightly lower KV but bigger props.

I assume the flight characteristics of this models will be closere to a classical Tiny Whoop.

The models are available for pre-order right now and will be shipped before Christmas.

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