Announcement: iFlight CineBee 75HD

iFlight is bringing a new HD Whoop to the market - the CineBee 75HD. This one also promises 2-4S capability - let’s hope they can live up to their promises in comparison to the BetaFPV Beta85x.

The 2-4S compatibility is solved by having different versions, according to the vendors page the 2S version is ready now, the 3S and 4S versions can be pre-ordered.

This model is designed for HD and there will not be a non HD version. The camera used will be the Caddx Turtle V2. There is also a 4K version planned, but there are not details for that yet.

You will be able to get the model with different receivers: DSMX, Flysky and two different FrSky receivers, the R-XSR (which I would prefer) or the XM+.

As the name suggests this whoop will have a wheelbase of 75mm.

The top and bottom plate are made from carbon fiber, the hoops are made out of plastic. The motors mount directly to the plastic hoops, those are then screwed to the carbon frame.

Further the vendor promises jello free HD footage without the propguards beeing in view. It comes with Gemfan 1635, 4 blade props.

The stack is a 16mm x 16mm form factor - the iFlight F4 Micro Tower. It contains a 12A 4in1 ESC, a f4 flight controller and a switchable VTX that is capable of transmitting up to 200mW.

The motors for the 2S version are 1103, 11000KV motors, the ones for 3S will be 8000KV and the ones for 4S will be 5000KV.

The weight comes in at 66.2g.

Depending on your receiver and power options, the price starts at $169.99 - which is not bad at all.

Personally, I am definitely looking forward to this one.

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