Runcam Thumb: Firmware upgrade and Gyroflow settings

The first Runcam Thumbs are reaching the users and it is super important that you upgrade the firmware - especially if you want to use Gyroflow - which, you most likely want.

Luckily upgrading the firmware is super simple and everything you need is in the box - apart from the SD card. The Runcam Thumb can handle micro SD cards up to 128GB, make sure to use a fast one. Basically any name brand 128GB micro SD card will be fast enough (Class 10, UHS 3).

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Upgrading the Runcam Thumb

  1. Insert your SD card into the Runcam Thumb
  2. Attach the Runcam Thumb to your PC via included micro USB cable - it should show up as a mass storage device
  3. Check the Version.txt file, mine shows Version:Thumb V1.0.0, at the time of writing V2.1.0 is the most recent one, and also the first version on which the Gyro data will be properly saved.

    If you do not have a Version.txt file, but instead thumb.conf is present, chances are that Gyro data will be logged, you can skip to step 10 to find out which version you have flashed and if it makes sense to update.

  4. Go to the Runcam Thumb firmware website and download the latest firmware
  5. Extract the Thumb.bin file from the folder in the zip file to the root of the SD card (you don’t need the other files. thumb.conf will be created after a successful flash)
  6. Eject the mass storage device and unplug the Runcam Thumb
  7. For the update to be applied you only need to apply power, either via PH1.25 plug or you plug the USB into a power supply - it is important not to plug it into a computer, otherwise it will be recognizes as mass storage device and the update is not applied
  8. Wait for the update to finish - during the update the LED on the front will flash red/green, once finished it will flash 3 times green and then turn itself of.

Flasingh will take about a minute, make sure to not disconnect power during this time.

  1. Unplug from the power source and plug back into the computer
  2. On the SD card check that the file thumb.conf is available. One of the first line should show:

This is how you know everything went well. You can now delete the Version.txt file since it is no longer needed and proceed with the configuration.

Configuration for Gyroflow

The configuration file should be pretty self explanatory, there is only 2 things you need to change in order for gyro data to be logged.

  1. Set video resolution to 1080p @ 50fps (that’s Runcams recommendation 1080p @ 60fps should also work):
  1. Enable gyro data logging:

That is it: Save, eject, unplug and you are ready to go.

Auto recording

I like to start recording automatically when the Runcam Thumb is plugged in, this can be enabled by setting AutoRecording to 1:



To make sure everything is working as expected, power up the Runcam thumb and start a recording, by either pressing the button on the front, or doing nothing in case you enabled auto recording in the previous step.

While the Runcam Thumb is recording the LED will blink red.

After recording for a bit, stop recording, plug the Runcam Thumb back into the computer and check that you have an MP4 and a gcsv file in the /Thumb/Video folder.

If both files are available you are set to use gyroflow with your recorded footage.

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