RunCam Split 3 Micro & Split 3 Nano

RunCam just announced the third iteration of their split platform. For all who do not know: the split platform provides a FPV feed and a HD recording solution from one camera in a small package.

This time around the RunCam Split 3 will be available with two different camera sizes, 14x14mm (Nano) and 19x19mm (Micro).

Those measurements represent the size of the camera when looking at it from the front. The bigger cam a M12 threaded lens and the smaller one has a M8 threaded lens. This means you can easily exchange your lens, should it break, but it also means that you can adjust the focus to your preference.

Both sizes will use the same DVR board which consists of one single board. The micro SD card slot has the same ejection protection that you already know from the predecessor, the RunCam Split 2. The DVR board itself has a size of 29x29mm and uses the 20x20mm mounting pattern.

It can be powered with anything from 5 to 20V but it should a clean source and not directly powered from the battery.

The camera is connected to the board with a ribbon cable instead of the fragile flex cable its predecessors were using.

The board also has a mic, but I assume that it will be pretty much worthless, as they all are on those split like solutions. To be honest, the only audio that in my opinion does not suck, is the one coming from a GoPro - everything else I simply can not stand and makes my ears bleed. But I would love to be corrected on this one, the first videos will show.

The HD recording allows for a couple of different settings (1080 with 60, 50 or 30 FPS or 720 with 60 FPS) and has a FOV (Field Of View) of 165°. The FPV camera can be used in either 16:9 with a 165° FOV or 4:3 with 130° FOV. The latency is relatively low with 40ms. Maybe not a cam you would want to use for racing, but definitely a viable options for all your smaller builds you want to equip with the capability of HD recording.

The Micro version weighs in at 14g - that is the weight for both - board and cam. The Nano version weighs in at 10.5g.

The cams use a 2MP sensor - I would have wished for a sensor with a higher resolution.


The package contains the board, the cam, a manual, all the needed mounting hardware and a bracket to increase the width of the cam to the next size - meaning the 14mm cam comes with a bracket that allows increasing to 19mm and the 19mm version comes with a bracket to increase the width to 28mm - the old, big style FPV cameras.

Personally I am very excited about this cam. Up to now I have been using the Caddx Turtle V2 on my smaller builds and have had a really bad experience with all of them. This probably is bad luck, but all of the Caddx cams I have ever owned came with dust on the sensor. My first turtle had black corners in the recordings and died after about the tenth session for no apparent reason - it simply would not power up anymore. My second Turtle decided to surprise me with a “yellow screen of death” after not even two months of use. A friend of mine got a dead turtle straight out of the box. Maybe you can understand why I am excited for an alternative that is not made by Caddx.

You can now pre-order directly on the RunCam website for 69.99$ or on banggood.

When ordering from the RunCam website, use the code JOINRUNCAM to get 5$ off your order. You can check here for banggood coupon codes.

Runcam Split 3 Mini

Runcam Split 3 Nano

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