New BetaFPV products

BetaFPV released a couple new products. Most of you might already heard about their toothpick board, that they developed in cooperation with Bob Roogie (KababFPV). And their super light weight 1S AIO flight-controller - which I am sure a lot of us will use in their winter season builds.

But that is not all - today another batch of products has been released.

New Flight-controllers

One of their new products is a 20A version of the 12A toothpick board that they released earlier.

The 20A version technically comes in two versions, the tootphick and the classical, whoop version. What sets them apart ist, that the non toothpick version is slightly lighter and does not have the nice big soldering pads of the toothpick version.

20A - absolutely insane for that form factor - this should be a great fit for any 3” - maybe even a 4”, but I don’t think that anyone is too much into that form factor. The feature set is basically the same as with the 12A board: flight-controller, OSD, ESC’s all in one small form factor. You will have to provide your own receiver.

But there is a couple of things that sets them apart, first of all, of course the 20A ESC’s (they can handle 25A burst), how they accomplish this it, that it is using twelve, one channel MOSFET’s instead of six, two channel MOSFET’s to drive the motors. This greatly helps with heat dissipation. Off course this board is also rated for 2-4S.

Further, the solder pads got even bigger - basically all the edges of the board are used for solder pads - this should make it a breeze to solder to this board - can’t wait to try this one out.

With 6.63g this 20A board is slightly heavier than the 12A version which clocks in at 6.2g.

BetaFPV recommends this flight-controller for 12xx, 13xx and 14xx motors. Everything smaller than that and you should simply get the 12A version.

Price-wise this one is quite a bit more expensive clocking in at $59.99. You will also receive rubber grommets, an XT30 plug with cap already soldered to it and some mounting hardware.


New motors

The other product that they just released are new motors: 1204, 5000kV This motor is clearly intended for 2” or 3” builds for use with a 4S battery or people who like to fly low kV on a 3S build.

The (really beautiful, blue) bell is made from one piece and allows for props to be screwed on.

The motor weighs in at 5.9g has a 1.5mm shaft and a 5mm mounting pattern for M2 screws. The wires come with JST 1.25 plugs.

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