iFlight Xing 0802 Motor Review

I was pretty excited when I saw that there are Xing motors in the whoop form factor. I really like the iFlight Xing motors and run them on my 5” rigs and my cinewhoop.

Not only do I like their nice and roundish design quite a lot, but they also prove to be very reliable and most importantly durable.

Banggood was kind enough to send me a set of the iFlight Xing 0802 motors with 22000KV.

This motor comes in 2 different flavors: 17000KV and 22000KV. I was planning on building an indoor racer with those motors so I went with 17000KV, but instead I got the 22000KV. I usually prefer the higher KV’s for builds that I can fly in bigger indoor spaces or outside, for example on playgrounds.

The motors are rated for 1-2S, but to be honest, even 17000KV sound a bit hardcore for 2S - if anyone has tried this, I would really be interested to hear from you.

For my apartment 22000KV is quite the overkill - in my test flights I never went above 70% throttle. I thus set a throttle cutoff at 75% to gain some more resolution.

I will mainly compare this motor to the Happymodel SE0802 22000KV since I have a 1S racer that is basically completely the same with the only difference being the motors.

The Xing 0802 weigh in at 1.88g with the plug. which is pretty much the same weight of the Happymodel SE0802 - so nothing to complain about here.

Design-wise I much prefer the Xing 0802 with their round design and black color schema. From the product images it seems as if the inside of the holes are red, but in reality they are black all the way (although this might be different with the 17000KV version). But I know - function over form…

The motors have bearings on the bottom and a bushing on the top. Thanks to the holes (especially the oval ones) in the bell, it is very easy to apply oil to the top bushing - if this is something you are into. I really like oiling the bushings in my small motors since it makes them quite a bit more quiet and takes out some vibration.

Check out Mr. Shutterbugs video on this topic:

The shaft is secured with a c-clip on the bottom, but not on the top. This has not yet been an issue for me, but was with different motors, where the shaft could be pushed in when swapping props. The happy model motors try to mitigate this by having a c-clip on the top and bottom of the shaft and it seems to work - I never pushed the shaft in while swapping the props.

The motors have a three hole mounting pattern and come with four, M1.6 5mm long screws. I do not quite understand why they went with 5mm long screws, that is insanely long and I could not use them on my BetaFPV Meteor frame. Luckily I had enough M1.6, 3mm screws left from my Happymodel motors - they also come with an extra screw each. Keep that in mind, you might want to get some shorter screws.

The motors should basically fit any 65mm frame that is currently available.

The shaft of the motors is 1.4mm internally and thins out to 1mm where it comes out of the bell, so you can use any prop with 1mm hole. My favorite prop for my 65mm builds are the HQ 31mm, four blade props. Recently HQ also released a three blade variant, but they almost weigh the same and I simply prefer the four blade version.

The build I used those motors in turned out to weigh in at 21g (without the battery). And I can fly indoors for a bit over 2 minutes (2:20 on average) on stock BLHELI_S firmware and with 300mAh batteries - this is a bit longer than my 22000KV happymodel motors allow me to fly.

The batteries come down hot - I am using a PH2.0, solid pin connector and I think the 22000KV version of this motors would definitely benefit from a beefier connector like BetaFPV’s BT2.0 connector.

The motors feel very linear, so I have good throttle control even in the bottom half of the throttle stick.

If you want to use RPM filtering - the motors have 12 magnets.

After establishing a base line regarding flight time, I decided to flash the ESC’s with the 48kHz version of JESC. This improved my flight time by about 30 seconds (in my case that is almost 25% - not bad at all). Of course your mileage will vary here depending on the exact components you are using.



From my first impressions I definitely prefer those over the happymodel SE0802. But only time will tell how they will hold up. They impressed me enough to order a set of 17000KV motors for comparison and indoor flights.

The price being almost $14 per motor I can see why they will not be the first choice for everyone, especially since the happymodel SE0802 are almost half the price.

Chris is a Vienna based software developer. In his spare time he enjoys reviewing tech gear, ripping quads of all sizes and making stuff.

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