Flywoo Goku TX-Nano

The Flywoo Goku TX-Nano is a nano sized video transmitter and weighs in at just 1.4g without antenna and 2.3g including the antenna. The solder pads are very spacious and easy to solder to. Those are definitely the biggest pads I have ever seen on a nano sized VTX.

The VTX can be switched between 25, 50, 100, 200 and 450mW. Power and channel can be switched with the on-board button or via IRC Tramp protocol.

if you hate yourself you can also make those adjustments via the button on the transmitter:

The package includes a small cover for the UFL connector with which it can be secured. Although the screws are included, there are no nuts and it will not hold too well with just the bracket, I would recommend to secure the screws with M2 nuts.

The signal is super clean, no bleeding over to other channels.

The RF module is beneath a RF shield, helping to keep the module cool and of course shield other components from electro-magnetic radiation.

With a size of 16x16x3.33mm it should fit even into the tightest build.

Flywoo is one of the few companies that actually provide a JSON file with the VTX tables, so you can easily configure your VTX in Betaflight.


Apart from the video transmitter itself you get a linear antenna with U.FL connector and a couple of wires. You also get four screws presumably to mount the antenna bracket, I am not entirely sure why they do not give you nuts - maybe I just wrongly got four screws instead of two nuts?

All the parts come in a small, padded plastic box to ensure everything arrives undamaged - I like those boxes, they are great for spare parts.


This has to be one of my most favorite Nano sized VTX to date: nice and big pads to solder to, clean signal and a bracket to keep the antenna from popping of the UFL connector.

The price of $17.90 on banggood is more than fair in my opinion, especially considering that this VTX is capable of pushing out its signal with 450mW. Also all the flywoo products that I have used until now have proven to be very reliable.

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