Turtle Mode (flip over after crash)

Turtle mode or flip over after crash enables you to - as the name suggests - flip your quad back over after a crash. It reduces the walks of shame and the times you need to get off your couch to flip over your brushless whoop.

Flip over after crash is a mode that can be enabled in the modes tab, in order for this mode to be available you need to have your motor protocol set to at least DSHOT300. Also make sure that your ESC’s run at least BLHELI_S version 16.7.

When flip over after crash is enabled your pitch and roll inputs will enable the motors on the opposite side making your quad flip into the desired direction. At least, that is the theory behind it.

Sometimes, especially with the whoop sized quadcopters, there is another thing you might want to set: crashflip_motor_percent. This will enable the motors on the opposite side to spin in the other direction to give you some additional help in flipping over.

If your whoop will not flip over with the default turtle mode settings, I recommend to set the crashflip_motor_percent parameter to 50 via command line:

set crashflip_motor_percent = 50

Should the quad still not flip over, try increasing the percentage. I always like to test on a carpet.

On smooth surfaces, it might happen, that the quadcopter will not flip over but instead simply slide on the surface. In this case I recommend giving the top brim of the frame, which is touching the floor when the quadcopter is lying on the back, a coat of liquid electrical tape or liquid rubber paint to give it some extra grip.

Flipping after a crash

The procedure to flip your quadcopter after a crash:

  1. Disarm your copter
  2. Enable flip over after crash mode
  3. pitch and/or roll to flip into the upright position
  4. Disarm
  5. Disable flip over after crash
  6. Arm
  7. Fly away

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