BetaFPV BT2.0 Battery Connector

It seems we will soon have a new battery connector option for 1S builds. BetaFPV is going to release a new battery connector on the 11th of November. It will be called BT2.0 and aims to replace PH2.0 connectors on 1S brushless whoops.

The PH2.0 connector is often a bottle-neck on this small, 1S builds, especially when the PH2.0 connector does not have solid pins. This can limit the current that is transferred from the battery to the motors quite severely.

The new BT2.0 connector is rated for 9A whereas the rating of the PH2.0 connector is just 2A. For me it looks like a scaled down version of XT30.

But the new connector will also be quite a lot heavier - 0.57g in comparison to the 0.22g of the PH2.0 connector. This is accounting for both, male and female connectors.

I am very excited for this connector and am wondering if other manufacturers, especially battery manufacturers like GNB will also adapt this plug.

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